Obama & Women’s Issues?

Why is it that Senator Obama’s website does not address women’s issues? I’ve read & reread his ISSUES drop-down menu & don’t see any comments on the topic, not even regarding the endlessly-debated and challenged issue of a woman’s right to choose. The only place that one finds “Women” is under the PEOPLE tab, where we are offered this quote by Obama:

“Women have always made the difference in every election, and this year, your voice, your hope will be the deciding factors in forging a new future for America.”

~ Barack Obama
Launch of California Women for Obama
September 7, 2007

However, when reading about the issues on Senator Clinton’s website, the drop-down menu features a “Champion of Women” choice, under which she makes a clear statement regarding her work & stance on various issues including the most controversial of them.

A strong supporter of Senators Clinton & Obama who plans to vote for Clinton in tomorrow’s primary, I’ve stayed very open-minded to Obama all along.  However, I wonder if his has been a “gradual education” in the area of women’s rights, and if he’s truly up-to-speed today.