Flustered & Filibuttered

It’s official: the thin line between news coverage and parody of news coverage has been erased. If my letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to today’s “top story” about last night’s debate doesn’t get used, I’ll post it here soon enough. Until then, I’d like to note my two favorite moments. When only one candidate was tested Trivial Pursuit-style by being asked to name Putin’s hand-picked puppet, a rarely flustered Clinton struggled to spit it out—Medvedev—and then used the comeback my twelve-year-old uses and for which there is no comeback except to laugh: whatever. And while both candidates took long turns in speaking and frequently interrupted each other, Obama’s slip of the tongue (verified by the New York Times transcript) may have produced the best new word in the English language this election year when he said, “I’m going to get filibuttered—I’m getting filibustered a little bit here.”