Project Intersect (update)


(from my recent cameo in Project Intersect on a crisp, cold April night)

When: Saturday May 10, 2008; 8:30-10:00 pm with performances at 8:45, 9:15 & 9:45
Where: Old Town Hall, 43 Main St., Easthampton, MA
Artists: Maggie Nowinski & JC Gray
Performers: Chivas Sandage & Lani Nahele

For those who can make it on May 10th, I am constructing a live performance that will interact with Maggie Nowinski & JC Gray’s collaborative, site-specific multimedia installation “Project Intersect.” I see the video itself as being one “work,” the video projected onto Town Hall’s stairs as a second work & the performance as a third. This duet structure for two women will weave improvisation with choreography, creating a third work that acts as punctuation, stories within a story, anti-theater & a still life that breathes. The performance will integrate strategies & concepts including: the body as monitor, games & game playing, & vignettes about found objects, accidents, weddings, losses, chance encounters & symbiotic strangers. 

This is pure experiment–a first sketch! I’m thrilled that Lani Nahele (formerly Lisa Schmidt) is up for the venture. She danced professionally in NYC, was a member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company from 1984-1992, and then spent several years in Brazil, Argentina, France, and Germany where she was commissioned to make work, perform and teach.    

Artist Statement from Gray’s website: “Easthampton’s Old Town Hall has served as an epicenter supporting the convergence of venues, personalities, politics and business. Folks from all aspects of the community have sought out its offices and audience. In our minds it functions as a meeting place: a hub where diverging interests touch, intersect and simply pass. All walks of life moved up and down it’s stairs… a portal to community, acceptance, possibilities and processes that affect identity. Stairs provide a transitional space that marks time before and after an event occurs or a purpose is realized.”