Letter to Shoba

This is the first time in my life as an educator & a parent that I have felt tremendous & absolute pride in the country that I represent & have brought my child into. What I am about to say may seem overstated, but I feel in my bones, in my cells, new hope for the survival of our planet & its childrens’ children. We have a chance to create a different fate than the tragic one we have been hurling ourselves toward. I believe that having a profoundly intelligent, well-educated, international president can cultivate a deep, lasting respect, desire & commitment to learning in this country.

While teaching yesterday, I was reminded of just how urgent our work is as educators: a freshman student asked, “What is Watergate?” I asked the class to raise their hands if they had the same question & numerous hands went up. While there are wide gaps in my own education, I struggle to imagine a college student in 2008 that has never even heard the word Watergate—a part of recent history that dramatically eroded our nation’s confidence in its own leaders & resulted in a president’s resignation. How ironic to have a student ask this question on the very day our nation is choosing its next president, a leader to replace one who betrayed our nation & the world & should have been impeached, not pardoned.

Our ignorance is deadly.  Our work as educators has never been more essential than now. Finally, we have a leader who believes in what we do.

One thought

  1. Rereading this now, I’m astonished by the degree of hope that I felt only a few years ago! Having been raised when words like “Nixon” & “Vietnam” were as common as “cookies” & “milk,” I’m grateful that I felt this much passion for a politician at least once in my life. The dream was brief but worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll vote for him again, but only to keep the GOP out of the “White” House.

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