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Antrim House, August 2012


“Interview with a Combat Photographer” (poem)











2 poems, print & audio editions











“Gay Marriage Takes Heart” (essay)

Print & Online

“The Embroidered Roses Breathe” (essay)






“Close Weather” (poem)









“Seams” (poem)


“While the talker talks” (poem)


Featured on

“Bully Trouble in Paradise” (featured post)


“The Luxury of Saving a Single Tree” (essay)




“Gay Marriage Takes Heart” (essay)







“Strange Blooms” (Op-Ed)





“World Music in a Small Town” (essay)





“Shrapnel” (fiction)

 Reviews & Interviews

Interview & Reading of “The Clerk Says You Are Not”








Review of Late Psalm by Betsy Sholl for VERSE







“Smoking with Chivas Sandage” (interview)




“Spill It” (radio interview)





The Hampshire Heights Review (radio interview)



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